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Abigail Wheelwright

Joleen was my doula for the birth of my first baby a few weeks ago and I'm so incredibly grateful for her knowledge, experience, and support. Joleen is so incredibly open-minded and accepting. She supported all of our decisions 100% at every moment. She kept me so calm and in a good headspace at every turn and had the perfect resource or experience to share to help answer my every question.

She added some extra childcare knowledge to a prenatal visit at our request and helped my husband change his first diaper and do his first swaddle. She provided incredible birth support - her birth bag reminds me of Mary Poppins - it has everything you can think of that would help a laboring mom plus more! And her postpartum visit was everything I needed to help process the birth experience. Joleen also took some incredible pictures of the first moments of my baby's life as well as our first moments together as a family and I will always treasure them - so beautiful!

And one of the most wonderful things about Joleen is that she does incredible prenatal and postnatal massage. I went every other week or so in the 3rd trimester and I always felt significantly more comfortable for several days after. And she also used KT tape to help me support my growing tummy and give my back a break. And 3rd trimester discomfort is no joke, so I truly appreciated this!

Postpartum - I've been so cold and a hot stone massage did wonders to warm me up and help me relax in the stress of newborn life. And she came over and taught us an infant massage class and our little guy now LOVES massages! It's so fun to have another way to connect with him.

I'm so grateful to know Joleen and for her incredible wealth of knowledge. She is worth her weight in gold as a doula, for massage, and as a resource for anything else you might need in the birth realm. If you've been thinking about reaching out to her, do it. She's wonderful.

Jenna Gardner

Abigail Wheelwright

Best massage ever! I've had a few massages, some at spas, and I never felt the need to review them. They were adequate, but nothing special. But THIS ONE WAS WONDERFUL. I actually felt respected and cared for. Joleen wasn't just filling in the time. She's an artist. She was thorough, and skilled, and went above and beyond. I feel great, and I am 8 months pregnant! I felt like I got more than my money's worth. I want to go again, and absolutely recommend.

Joleen was my doula for the birth of my son and she provided fantastic doula services to me and my family!! I truly could not have asked for better birth support. Massages, pressure points, counter pressure for back labor, etc...Joleen knew exactly how to help ease the pains of labor and provide emotional support to make for a beautiful birth experience. So grateful for you, Joleen!

Amber Gurchiek

I have had many massages in my life and this was, by and far, THE BEST MASSAGE I HAVE EVER HAD. I usually just wait until my back starts to hurt, but I liked her so much that I set up a second appointment for next month.
Further than that, it was a last minute appointment and she seemed very happy with accommodating.
10/10 will be back. 10/10 would recommend to anyone who needs a massage.

Kylie Toponce

Joleen is such a gifted massage therapist. I went to her with so much tension and left with even more relief. She custom created a 90 minute massage package for me including thai and deep tissue massage and it was absolutely heavenly. I highly recommend you give her a try!

Sue Rose Harman

Joleen is fantastic! I often go to her for massages after long births as a doula and not only does she make my muscles feel better, but also my soul. She has a great energy about her and is so soothing.
I recently got cranial sacral work done by her to help with my headaches. I was skeptical, however, I went in with a headache and left WITHOUT one. I also felt sooooo good after. I will definitely do it again.

Karina Robinson

First massage and first prenatal massage. It was wonderful. Comfy and felt very respected. Perfect amount of pressure (since I liked more)

Harmony Walker

I delivered my baby with the help of Joleen. I was having a hard time due to intense contractions & felt like I wasn't going to be able to do it naturally like I wanted until Joleen arrived. She helped me get to a place where I just focused on my end goal & stayed there. All the techniques she used, her soothing voice & words helped me keep going. I don't think I could've done it without her, she knew just what to do at the right times & when something wasn't working she would try something different. I'm extremely grateful for everything she did to help me, Joleen is truly amazing at what she does & is just an amazing person. I did get a prenatal massage in the beginning of my pregnancy that was amazing. I plan to get a postnatal massage as well. I highly recommend Joleen for her doula services as well as massage. Thank you, Joleen, for being so amazing ❤️

Paola Jazbeth

Joleen is so good at what she does and clearly loves it. Her space is gorgeous and it feels amazing to be in there. The massage I received from her was exactly what I needed and I have felt amazing since. Can't wait to go back for more! She makes me want to have another baby just so she can be my doula!

Shannon Shepherd

I was very impressed with the genuine care shown! I had a great experience and my body felt much better after my massage!!

Ryan Sadeghi

Cassandra Post

I feel amazing! I recommend the sampler, the Thai massage was excellent! Honestly I wasn't sure about having my chakra balanced but was exactly what I needed and my husband said it was the best message he's ever had!

I went for a prenatal massage at 39 weeks. It was so relaxing and she is very knowledgeable in what massage techniques are best for pregnant women.

Hali Ficklin

Joleen is the best! I always leave her office feeling refreshed, relaxed, and rejuvenated. Seeing her regularly has made such a difference in my physical and mental well-being. She is extremely intuitive and listens to your body's signals. I always have choice in regards to the atmosphere in the room (temperature regulation, scents, music, etc.) and she is careful to respect any guidance from the recipient (such as specific muscle soreness, trouble spots, and areas to avoid). Joleen is also very flexible when it comes to scheduling, and easy to contact. I would recommend her services to anyone! *And add the dry body brushing! You will feel like a million bucks after this grooming session

Eliza Lyons

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