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Learn a Calming Massage to Share with your Baby
Massaging your baby is a very natural way to connect while teaching them the loving affects of touch.
This helps:
  • With growth and development for them
  • Learning to listen to nonverbal cues for you
  • Reduce fussiness and colic
  • Increases circulation and sensory awareness
This class takes about an hour. Occasionally I will offer an Infant massage circle at my office for a discounted rate for a group. 

1 Hour Private Class




Come Discover the Goddess in You
This fun girl time.
Learn basic belly dance movements with the opportunity to perform if you choose to. I provide fun choreography which can help deepen your use and understanding of the movements and your body.
This is a great low impact workout.
Date, time and location can change but I generally teach somewhere in Clearfield.

This class is $15 per person for a group of $50 for a private class.

1 Hour Private Class




Find the Truth Inside of You
Guided meditation is a great way to focus your mind and energy in a specific direction which in turn allows your body to relax.
There is a different focus for each guided meditation class to give a variety of experiences. Learning to be with yourself and have a deeper understanding for who you really are.
All levels welcome.
This class is $15 per person for a group or $50 for a private class.

1 Hour Private Class:


Free your Mind, Heal your Body, Inspire your Soul

This dance is a style of improv that allows your body to unwind allowing things that feel stuck to move.
It feels amazing to connect and listen to your body in this way through movement. Get to know your own dance and let the healing begin with this movement therapy.
No dance experience needed and all levels are welcome.

This class is $15 per person for a group or $50 for a private class.


1 Hour Private Class:




Yoga is the Journey to Search Inside Yourself and Belly Dance Can Be a Way of Embracing Your Own Feminine Energy

All levels of abilities are welcome. I believe you need to listen to your body and challenge yourself without force. 

Class style varies depending on my mood.
Yoga can be your own personal energy work. Working through stuck energy in the body through holding yoga poses and flowing through body movements can be extremely healing. Belly dancing is so fun and great for pregnant moms. It can help mom prepare her body for labor and delivery. The movements can be used during labor and delivery as well.

Anyone can come to this class. It is great for beginners. Know that it is geared for pregnant persons.

This class is $15 per person for a group or $50 for a private class.

1 Hour Private Class




Enjoy a Massage from your Significant Other

In this class both of you with learn to give each other a basic massage and possibly learn some extra techniques to assist each other with specific complaint areas.
This is a nice way to bring massage home and learn how to help each other with those problem areas.
This class lasts 2 hours, with both of you getting about a 55 minute massage.

2 Hour Class




90 Minute Class


Come learn some techniques to use during labor and delivery that can help with the process and make the birthing experience a little easier. 

This is included in doula packages. If you are not ready to hire a doula, but would still like some tools to work with to prepare you for labor, this is the class for you! It will be a great opportunity to ask a professional doula any questions you may have.

Things you will learn in the class:
  • How to use the rebozo
  • ​Hip squeezes
  • Spinning babies tricks
  • Using oils and music
  • Hot and cold
  • Birthing positions
  • Massage
  • Birth ball/peanut ball
  • Belly dancing
  • Other tips and tricks
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