Massage Apprentice Program

Do you want to become a massage therapist? 

Have you considered an apprenticeship program?

There are different ways to become a LMT (Licensed Massage Therapist) and this can be a cheaper, more personal and customizable option! A one-on-one learning experience can be more effective! There is so much growth happening in this career field! People are looking for alternatives for health and self care more than ever.


I have over 20 years of experience in this field and I feel very confident in helping you have a better start to your career. 


DOPL (department of professional licensing) oversees the process of this program. To get started you apply with them, which includes payment and fingerprints. By law the program lasts for at least a year with 1000 hours required. I can have 2 students under me at the same time. It is helpful to have 2 students at the same time for the sake of practicing, but can still be done otherwise.

Homemade Natural Soap


* 310 hours of hands on instruction

* 300 hours of clinical/client services

* 125 hours of anatomy, physiology, kinesiology

* 120 hours of techniques

* 50 hours of massage theory

* 40 hours of pathology

* 40 hours of ethics and business

* 15 hours of sanitation, CPR & 1st aid



Tuition – $9,000


You can pay up front or make monthly payments of $750.  With this option you don't make any money for clinical hours of practicing on the public, I would make that money.

Spa Setting
Natural Soap



Tuition – $13,500


You can pay up front or make monthly payments of $1,125. With this option you make money for clinical hours and tips for practicing on the public. With this option you could mostly make back all the money for the tuition. This is unique to an apprenticeship program, to have the option to make $ while learning. Most massage schools allow you to make tips and that is it. You should also know that you will need to rent the room you are using for $10 per hour. For clinical hours you will make $50 an hour. So after renting the room you keep $40 plus tips.

Benefits of the
apprentice program

* 1000 hr program for at least 1 year  
* The program is overseen by DOPL (department of professional licensing)
* Get a 1 to 1 learning experience
* Start a career in a growing field
* Get a great start on your own business
* 2 options: 
         #1 $9,000 Pay a cheaper rate and don't worry about the rest. This is about $5,000 less than most schools.
         #2 $13,500 Pay a higher rate but you can make money during your clinical hours while you are learning your trade and getting your education. This would almost pay off the entire tuition. 

Frequently Asked Questions


How many hours am I required to work on the public in a clinical setting?


The state requires 300 hours of hands on practice, which have to be done when I am on the premises. I do have some flexibility in my schedule (some days, some evenings and some weekends) so hopefully we can work our schedules out.

Will my license be valid to use in other states?

If you plan on moving sometime in the future you will want to check with the state/area you are planning on going, to see about there rules and regulations. Every area is different and it is worth looking into so you can feel good about your decision. You can check with DOPL (department of professional licensing) in the area you are planning to go to find out more information.


What kind of payment options are there?

Both options have the possibility to pay up front or pay monthly. You could also put some money down and then pay some monthly as well. We can certainly work out the details on that.

What If I decide the program is not for me and I want to discontinue?

If it ends up not being a good fit, we (you or I) can end the agreement (needs to be put in writing). If you decide to terminate the training within the first 30 days, I will keep the first months payment and I will refund any advanced tuition that had been paid. If you decide to terminate anytime throughout the year after the first 30 days, I am not responsible to refund any amount of the tuition.


Where do you get the materials for the training?

I use a curriculum that has been pre-approved by DOPL (department of professional licensing). To get the curriculum there are two options. I can buy the curriculum and I will add $250 to your tuition with the first monthly payment or you can buy the curriculum and I will take off $250 of your first monthly payment. This is something you need to have purchased before applying with DOPL. The curriculum will have your name on it (rules that are made by DOPL). You will be required to buy your books. I do have some of the required books for the curriculum available to check-out. Some of them you will want to have for yourself though.

About how many hours a week would this program require of my time? 

About 20 hrs a week, sometimes more for study time.

Is their additional fees?

Yes, the room that will be used for the clinical hands on hours has a rental fee of $10 per hour. If you do the higher priced payment option, you will make this money back. You will also need to buy your own books if you decide that you want them. You may also need to buy extra supplies along the way. I provide a limited amount.

Why are you the best option?

I've been working in the field for over 20 years. I have worked for chiropractors, salons, spas and owned my own practice most of this time. I am well connected to others in this field in case you are wanting to learn more about a specific modality. I have lots of teaching experience from teaching dance, yoga and infant massage for years. I am super passionate and I'm excited to share my knowledge. 


How long does the average massage therapist last in this field?


The average career life of a massage therapist is 6 years. Most of them do not take care of themselves the way that they need to. I always have tried to practice what I preach and get massages myself regularly (at least monthly). If you want this year for a long time like me (10 to 20 years) you need to put a lot of effort into self care.

Are there supplies that you provide?

I provide 4 sets of sheets, 4 face rest covers, oil, 1 pump bottle, 1 bottle holster and 1 laundry basket. If you want more of these supplies or you want to try different options you will need to provide them yourself.

Are there supplies that I need to provide?

A massage table will be provided during the time that you are being trained and practicing clinical hours that will stay at the place of business. If you want to have one of your own you will need to buy that for yourself. You will need to supply your own extra supplies if you want more than I offer or you want to try different supplies. You will also need to supply your own paper and pens etc. 

Having trouble deciding which program to choose?


This is a big decision. I would love to chat with you to answer any questions you might have. Please don't hesitate to call or send me an email.