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About Me

The Heart and Soul of The Healing Tree Wellness is:
Joleen Cullens
  • Doula
  • Birth Photographer
  • Licensed Massage Therapist 
  • Energy Worker
  • Instructor/Educator

I am very passionate about healing and I believe it can be found in many ways. I'm a licensed massage therapist and energy worker since 1997 graduating from Myotherapy massage college in Salt Lake City, Utah. I specializes in Energy work, Thai massage and Prenatal massage. In the beginning, I went to massage school for myself because I was looking for a healing experience and that is what I found. It has been a very fulfilling career for me. I do my best to provide a safe and unconditionally loving space for people to have a healing experience in. I offer a deep level of presence and provides exceptional bodywork in every single session.
Pregnancy, birth, and babies...I love it all! I did a DONA training to become a doula in 2003, though I didn't start practicing for awhile since I was in the midst of having my own babies. I see the birth process as a huge opportunity for growth and healing. This is an opportunity for the birthing person to communicate with their body. This is not just a mother experience but a parent experience. I enjoy helping the father or partner be involved in this process. I find great joy in assisting parents in having a rewarding and positive birth experience. Eventually I did a training called Stillbirthday for bereavement doula services and got certified with them. I can support parents with any outcome. One of my more recent educational experiences is Cranial Sacral Therapy for Infants. I love working with the babies! As a birth photographer I love capturing the sweet moments between a couple during the birth process. I am a certified birth photographer through Birth Becomes You. I wished I had doula support and photos of my birth experiences. I really enjoy providing these services. 

Not only do I provides amazing services but I love teaching things that I'm passionate about. I teaches a variety of classes such as yoga, dance, meditation, comfort measures for birth and infant massage. I did a prenatal yoga training in 2019 and a 200hr yoga training in 2021. All of these are lovely ways to find healing.

I'm married and have 3 amazing children. My children have always been the best teachers. I was born and raised in Utah and love this incredible outdoor state. 

I'm always pursuing new ways to grow in everything that I do. I delights in creative and artsy adventures of all kinds and varieties. In my down time I love moving my body and outdoorsy adventures too. 

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